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My Cardiff City Carling Cup final starting 11 - Who I would select and why

Heaton- deserves to start after his inspired performance in the 2nd leg of the semi-finals and to add to that his impressive performances in a Cardiff shirt last season.

Mcnaughton- a lot of Cardiff fans have felt that Mcnaughton's performances this season have been a bit hot and cold, fantastic one game but prone to a costly error the next. Nonetheless, he's still one of our best defenders and can attack with a real threat as well.

Hudson- if fit, Hudson must play, his organisation of the back four has been missed greatly over the last four games and there is no better player in the squad right now to captain the side out on the Wembley pitch.

Turner- brilliant and consistent, Turner is probably one of our best defenders and has kept his place in the team above Gerrard, Blake and Keinan fantastically, a no brainer.

Taylor- similar to his right-back Taylor has been consistent in places though at times has been caught out down the left flank. However, he is still the best left-back at the club and has the experience to do a job against Liverpool's wingers.

Cowie- although going slightly off the boil as far as goals are concerned, his work rate has dropped whatsoever and he is vital in our game plan of stealing back possession of the ball and keeping hold of it. Integral to our midfield.

Gunnarsson- probably Cardiff's most impressive signing of the season. When he plays well the team seem to take home 3 points and this is a game a player of his calibre will thrive in. Whether it's in front of goal, slipping through balls through to the front 2 or launching throw ins into the box, Gunnar is indispensable to the side and is one of the first names on the team sheet.

Whittingham- Yet again it has been another superb season so far for Whitts. He has had to evolve into a different role within the side, one that although has taken him time to adapt to it appears it has made him a better all round player, much to the benefit of the side. On his day he can dismantle any side in the country.

This is where it starts to get slightly tricky. In my opinion there are 4 players fighting for 2 positions and it completely depends on what formation Malky will choose. Here's how I think it will pan out.

Conway- a mixed season from the winger but on his day he can be one of our biggest threats. He is a bully down the wing and his physical presence could disturb a number of the Liverpool players down whichever channel he is working on. The way the game is likely to shape up could mean that Conway's defensive attributes might be just as valuable as his attacking game.

The last position is a toss up between Mason, Gestede and Kiss. Gestede's height could be extremely valuable if City are unable to work the ball through Liverpool's midfield. Mason's pace and eye for goal could be the difference if he doesn't let the occasion get the best of him and Filip Kiss' strength and ball winning abilities in the middle of the park might be the solution to disrupting Liverpool's passing game.

Gestede- our recent run of results has indicated that our default 4-5-1 formation hasn't been working of late. Gestede is beginning to find out what English football is all about and as a result he is becoming much more of a threat in front of goal. The Frenchman could be the man to nick the vital goal Cardiff will be desperately searching for.

Miller- his form of recent, like a lot of the players, has dipped and it's been a while since he's found the back of the net however, ask anyone who knows Miller well and they'll say that in a big game like this he will thrive and show why he is an outstanding centre forward. Likely to be our best attacking option, the blue half of Wembley will go spare if he scores the winner (it's written!)

After it was reported in the South Wales Echo that Cardiff City fans walked out of Elland Road in protest on Sunday, we wanted the full story.


Here, blogger Jack Carter gives us a terrace view account of what happened...

Hundreds of Cardiff City fans boycotted their Championship affair with Leeds United, while those attending left in an unplanned walk out.

Heavy travel restrictions as well as steep ticket prices led to a large number of supporters from South Wales choosing to stay at home rather than make the trip north to cheer on their team in one of the most highly anticipated fixtures for both sets of fans.

Bluebirds fans were charged a staggering £36 a ticket, as much as some of the top teams in the Premier League, to watch the game screened live on Sky TV.

In addition to this, West Yorkshire police insisted on every Cardiff fan having to collect their match tickets at Wooly Edge service station prior to the match, to avoid potential violence between rival supporters.

As a reaction to what many Cardiff City fans felt was an injustice, a boycott of the game altogether was rallied on numerous fan forums. This was met with much encouragement.

However, the controversy didn't end there. In the space of 45 minutes, 20 or so of the travelling Cardiff City fans who had made the trip were ejected from the ground after refusing to sit down during the first half.

Stewards escorted frustrated supporters out of the turnstiles they'd paid so much to walk through, which many perceived as further mis-treatment. Chants of "not sitting down, £36 a ticket, I'm not sitting down" all across the away allocation sounded in protest for large amounts of the game.

Frustration began to grow further in the away end when it appeared that Leeds fans, who were also standing, were doing so unpunished and did so throughout the match.

As several more of the away support were asked to leave in the second half, their patience had seemed to come to an end as nearly half of the fans present followed their fellow supporters out the gates.


Rumours of a 'walk out' circulated during half-time when many of the Welsh supporters were unhappy with what they believed to be 'petty' stewarding considering their efforts to get to the match. Five minutes into the second half, they made good of their threat when a significant portion of away fans left Elland Road.

Ever since the FA Cup third round tie between the two clubs in January 2002 broke out in violence, a fierce rivalry has developed. However, many fans from both clubs believe that incidents like this are in the past and punishing them for this still is unfair.

Leeds United face Cardiff City in the return fixture on April 21st.

Click here for another account of events at Elland Road

Do you think the Cardiff City fans were right to protest? Have your say in the comments box below.

Four games in to the Championship season and City find themselves with seven points on the board and two very impressive wins under their belt. Malky's summer signings have shown true professionalism in how well they've settled in the capital and how quickly they've begun to gel together. So who's impressed the City support the most? Here's an overview of the three most impressive signings who are crafting Cardiff City's promising future.


The first player to have impressed the majority is Don Cowie, one of three Scotsman to have been signed in the summer. The day before Cowie was revealed to the Cardiff fans the club called a press conference confirming that a new signing had been completed. Rumours and gossip spread amongst the fans as to what name Mackay and chief executive Gethin Jenkins had captured. Not one of these rumourmongers uttered the words Don Cowie. The midfielder was part of the line that Malky Mackay had been towing from Watford and was said to be his most loyal and reliable player at the club. Over the course of the four games he has started and finished there is no denying these qualities in him. His fitness levels are astounding. During the Bristol City match many were left asking at half time "did Cowie ever stop running?" Don Cowie has become the symbol of difference that many fans look at when comparing this year's side to last year's side. His quality on the ball is also exceptional which deems the Scottish international as something of a complete package with his ability to create and score goals. A delightful coup in this transfer window and a great example of the type of player Mackay looks to bring to the club.

It was the start that not many had predicted, least of all West Ham, or the BBC it would seem. Kenny Miller's strike sent the travelling Cardiff City fans as well as the thousands of Bluebirds watching at home into rapture as the Championship favourites were cast aside in the 91st minute.

The new order under Malky Mackay showed an abundance of team spirit, great fitness and a real dedication to the cause from first minute to last. The 'bottler' image that had been so present during the Dave Jones era looked invisible whilst a bond and togetherness between the coaching and playing staff shone through, so bright it transmitted through the BBC cameras (when they weren't showing another pointless replay that is).

Since Malky Mackay strapped himself into the driving seat at City the rides been almost top speed for all involved.

Mackay's determination to tackle his never-ending to-do-list in gung-ho style is something that has impressed the Cardiff City support.

So much needs to be done and with each day there's a feeling that one more thing is being crossed off before the big day on August 7th.


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