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Take a walk down memory lane with these amazing stickers of Cardiff City star Craig Bellamy.


Did you have any stickers like this and what were your favourites?

Should Cardiff secure the services of Craig Bellamy, there are even suggestions that Liam Lawrence may also return to the club, they will surely have their best ever midfield to call upon.

Aron Gunnarsson, Don Cowie, Kim Bo-Kyung, Filip Kiss, Stephen McPhail, Jordon Mutch, Kadeem Harris, Craig Conway, Peter Whittingham, Joe Ralls with Bellamy likely and Lawrence a possibility. Three Championship-standard midfield's worth. Good luck keeping everyone happy Malky.


In Malky's favoured formation, the assumption is that Bellamy would play on the left, Bo-Kyung on the right with Mutch and Gunnarsson either side of Whittingham. Solid, creative with pace and balance, it looks the perfect blend, but surely Malky will seek to include Don Cowie? A fixture in the side last season and during his time at Watford, it's hard to imagine him kicking his heels on the bench.

After we published this picture of Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay chatting to last year's hero Craig Bellamy yesterday, we asked for your captions.
Here's what you came up with...

Martin Bryant said:
"My next car will be a Bentley, the same colour blue as that drainpipe"

David McCarthy said:

Bellers: "Wait so you won't have me, but you'll have that guy with the glasses?"

Obama Kelly said:
"I don't need a striker Craig - can you play in goal?"

Mike Evans said:
"You will need deeper pockets than those to pay my wages."

Bob Bank said:
CB: "As soon as I can quit these super king size fags, I'll be ready"

Owen Powell said:

"If Kenny Miller wants to run the second leg of the relay, I just hand him this white baton and we're away."

Dai said:
Bellamy: "So how far would you recommend i shove this up Mancini's rectum to persuade him to let me play for you?"

Clive Prigg said:
"OK then it's a deal. Twenty quid a week and you pay down chippy lane once a week."

Our favourite was this topical post from Nigel Blues...

NigelBlues said:
"Psst Malky, want to buy a Plasma telly, mobile phone or pair of Foot Locker trainers cheap?"

Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay had a brief chat with Bluebirds hero Craig Bellamy at the Vale Hotel training ground today.


Who can come up with the best caption?

Since Malky Mackay strapped himself into the driving seat at City the rides been almost top speed for all involved.

Mackay's determination to tackle his never-ending to-do-list in gung-ho style is something that has impressed the Cardiff City support.

So much needs to be done and with each day there's a feeling that one more thing is being crossed off before the big day on August 7th.


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